Mark003-web_1Retail Property Analyst is different from all other news and information products for the European retail property sector. It is designed to focus purely on the information needs of the retail property investment community.

A subscription to Retail Property Analyst provides readers with a weekly web-based online news service (RPA Perspective Online) and discounts on our suite of special reports and events.

Mark Faithfull, a leading financial journalist who has spent his career reporting on the sector, launched this service five years ago and Retail Property Analyst has since gained an international reputation for authoritative and informed comment. It is first-hand journalism, reporting on the issues that matter to senior retail industry professionals and based on RPA’s extensive network and travels.

Retail Property Analyst is not allied to a big publishing conglomerate, filling a niche between conferences, awards nights, exhibitions or other non-journalistic enterprises. Rather, it is an independent, knowledge-based title, entirely focused on fulfilling the industry intelligence requirements of its subscriber base.

Retail Property Analyst offers more. Rather than simply historic reporting, RPA has gained its reputation for asking the crucial so what? question about events, exploring the meaning and impact of today’s deals and, crucially, anticipating tomorrow’s transactions. The allies we have add real value to our readership. Our weekly “views-wire” – RPA Perspective Online – offers immediate commentary and insights on the issues and events that matter while our events and reports provide deeper analysis and insights of the most significant topics of the moment.

Furthermore, just like the retail market, Retail Property Analyst does not sit in a silo, which is why we are the only publication to bring together property investment, retail trends and the impact of omni-channel strategies and to provide a pan-European perspective on these issues. This is unique to the industry.

If you are a serious player in the retail real estate investment arena then a subscription is essential to help you keep up-to-date with the fast-moving retail property environment. Retail Property Analyst builds on the established model of Hotel Analyst, which is read by virtually all the major operators, owners and investors in its sector. It will be read by corporate financiers, consultants, agents, lawyers and lenders.