28 November 2019
201 Bishopsgate, London

Retail Property Analyst Presents WIRRED: Celebrating Women in Retail Real Estate  Sponsored by Nuveen Real Estate

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Mark Faithfull, editor of Retail Property Analyst, says: “This completely new event is dedicated to helping women in retail real estate to learn, progress and network with their peers in a format that will be like no other.”

Long before events started to be aware that man-panels were a thing, RPA had set out to gender balance our events as best we could.

Not because it was the right thing to do, but because not setting out to do it would have denied our audiences some amazing presentations by amazing people.

It’s not always been easy, more often that not because we got push-back from the women we approached (that’s a subject for another day), but the hard work we put in has enabled us to help introduce a brilliant set of women in retail to the speaking circuit, most of whom got rightly snapped up to speak at ICSC, Revo, World Retail Congress and MAPIC among others.

It’s been my intention to create something dedicated solely to celebrating women in retail real estate for some years and the delay has been because we want to do something very different. We’ll be announcing what we’ve come up with very soon.

It won’t be solely for women but will be for anyone wanting to understand how best to promote the role of gender diversity in the retail and real estate market. Oh, and there will be a few surprises. And it will be fun.

Hosted by Mark Faithfull, editor of Retail Property Analyst, he says: “We’ll be covering a huge amount of territory during the day, designed to introduce attendees to a host of people and ideas that can help your career and deliver a better shopping experience for your consumers.”

Just a few of the people who have attended our previous events:

  • Alex Walker, Director, Greenridge
  • Andrew Duncan, Head of Marketing & Communications, Realm
  • Dan Innes, Managing Director, Founder, Innesco
  • Denzier Ibrahim, Head of Retail and Futuring, LGIM
  • Emma Tattersall, Director, Retail Investment, International Capital Markets, EMEA, JLL
  • Jack Sibley, Technology and Innovation Strategist, Nuveen Real Estate
  • Lara Marrero, Principal, Gensler
  • Liz McShane, Business Development, Portland Design
  • Madeleine Hughes, Account Director, Coniq
  • Mark Bezodis, Managing Director – Licensing & International Development, Perry Ellis International Europe
  • Mark Faithfull, Editor, Retail Property Analyst
  • Mark Loveday, Director, AMM
  • Mike Savage, Director, Transport Consulting, Arup
  • Munish Datta, Head of Membership & Insight, UK Green Building Council
  • Myles White, Head of European Retail, Nuveen Real Estate
  • Nicky Wightman, Director – Global Occupier Trends Proptech, Savills Cambridge
  • Nils Rage, Sustainable Design and Innovation Manager, Landsec,
  • Rachel Lonsdale, Events, New West End
  • Rob Asbury, Head of Retail and Leisure, Montagu Evans
  • Vanessa Muscara, Head of Research & Strategy,  Cain International



 Later this year you can debate the key issues and network with a senior audience of decision-makers at the conference suite at Nuveen Real Estate in the heart of the City of London.



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Myles White
Head of European Retail
Nuveen Real Estate

Mark Faithfull
Retail Property Analyst

Lara Marrero

Nils Rage
Sustainable Design and Innovation Manager

Denizer Ibrahim
Head of Retail and Futuring

Munish Datta
Head of Membership & Insight
UK Green Building Council

Nicky Wightman
Director – Global Occupier Trends, Proptech Cambridge

Mike Savage
Director, Transport Consulting

Jack Sibley
Technology and Innovation Strategist
Nuveen Real Estate

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