The latest in our leading-edge series of reports on The Future of Shopping Centres. This report is based not only on up-to-the-minute research but on exclusive retail insight from around the world.

Sponsored by TH Real Estate, copies of this in-depth research, which looks at macro- and micro-trends across the continent, exclusive in-depth interviews with key retail real estate players and extensive coverage of innovative development in this space, is now available priced £295 (+VAT).

This is the only report to specifically focus the trends driven by consumers and retailers and consider their implications for real estate and the impact on investment decisions. Key players have given us their vision for 2020 and where they believe they will be prioritising their investment, acquisition and asset management strategies to create and evolve state-of-the-art shopping destinations.

The shopping centre of the future is already under development, but seismic changes in consumer behaviour, technology convergence and the ongoing impact of austerity continue to reshape the industry. While Retail Property Analyst has produced several reports on the integration of digital technology with physical space, this is our second report on the reshaping of shopping centres based on the raft of changes in the retail sector. Online forms just one part of this.

Key areas of the report include:

In this concise report, we have highlighted six key themes, talked to many of the lead players in the European and global retail industry and identified some of the most important players reshaping the new retail world. Malls are far from dead, but poor – or even ordinary – malls face a very difficult and uncertain future. This report provides a curated version of RPA’s view on the future, taken from innumerable conversations with those at the cutting-edge of change.

Europe’s listed real estate companies may have lived somewhat in the shadow of the non-listed investment giants but collaboration, consolidation and an appetite for redefining retail destinations is changing that perception. At the heart of the transformation are two French/Dutch mergers, which led to a further mega-merger, and a UK retail sector rocked in confidence by consumer demand that is falling off a cliff.